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29 Apr 2015

Marketing Your Indie Studio Using YouTube Cards

If you wish to market your indie studio but you are unsure where to start, one of the best places to begin is on YouTube. We have discussed first few steps to using YouTube to market your studio in the past, and we have even discussed YouTube power tips for promoting your studio. Yet, there is so many ways that you can use YouTube to benefit your indie studio – and because it is technically one of the most widely used search engines worldwide, take it from us: it pays to use YouTube to promote your studio.

Thus, today we are going to take a look at another way you can easily market on YouTube by way of YouTube Cards thanks to the fantastic Social Media Examiner. Think of YouTube Cards as clickable business cards within your video, and the best part? You can add them to your existing videos. Here’s how:

Simply login to your YouTube account, select ‘Video Manager Page,’ choose ‘Edit’ on the video of your choice, select ‘Cards’ at the top of the video, choose ‘Add card,’ select the YouTube video card of your choice that you want to add by selecting ‘create’ (we’ll get into the different types that are relevant to your studio in a moment), insert your studio’s Web address (or the URL you want to display in the video), select ‘Create Card,’ and you’re done!

It sounds neat, but what’s the point? How can YouTube Cards benefit your indie studio in any way? Find out below.

Need a boost of traffic?

One of the most obvious ways YouTube Cards can improve your studio is by driving traffic to your official website or a game page of your choosing. Because YouTube Cards are clickable, viewers can easily click on a card and be redirected to the URL inserted into the card. Yet, you need to do more than merely include a URL into the card.

In addition, you need to include a call to action if you want to boost traffic. As you know, every web page has a goal (e.g. to learn more information, to purchase a game, etc.), and you need to mention in your YouTube Card exactly what you want the viewer to do. For example, if you include a YouTube card that has a link to your latest game’s page, include a call to action message that says something like, ‘Learn more and buy now!’

Promote your other games

The beauty of YouTube Cards is that it allows you to continuously promote your past games. For example, if you post a video of a presentation you gave, a random video of your employees working, or something else related to your indie studio, you can use YouTube Cards to include a clickable card at the end of the video promoting one of your past games. For those times you want to promote your other games yet you don’t know how to fit it into your regular marketing gameplan, this method works wonders.

Perfect for launch day

Social Media Examiner suggests that if you want to use YouTube Cards to sell your products, one of the best methods is to create a series of videos that detail exactly what you are about to sell (in this case, a new indie game). Highlight various parts of the game (the concept, high points in your trailer, etc.) and at the end, include a card that features a clickable link and a call to action to purchase the game at the end of every video.

What’s great about YouTube Cards is that no one has to remember to look at your description any longer! The link is right there in the video, and if you make it short and interesting enough where anyone can sit and watch, you are going to get more referrals to YouTube if you play your cards right (and that pun was intended).

Do you have any questions about using YouTube Cards to promote your indie studio? Let us know in the comments below!

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