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1 Aug 2014

Want To Design A Roguelike? This Tool Converts Real-World Maps Into Text!

A short post to end the week, but I had to share this tool with you guys. If you’re a fan of old –school roguelikes similar to Nethack (pictured in the header above) and you’ve been considering developing one for yourself based in real life, you need to take a look this thread on Reddit. Reddit user Jay-_ wanted to use London in a roguelike setting. Of course, creating a map from scratch takes time (especially when that map is the size of London), so what did Jay+_ do? He created this tool: Real Game Maps Generator!

Creating a map based on a real-world location couldn’t be easier. Simply browse to a location anywhere in the world (and yes, you can zoom in as far as the street you live on), click ‘Create Map!,’ and the tool will take care of the rest.

To show you the detail of the map, here is a map I created of The Netherlands below:

the netherlands roguelike map


And one of The White House:

white house roguelike

Keep in mind I had to scale the image way down so you guys could have a glimpse of how the map looks. Believe me: this tool makes very, very detailed roguelike maps.

You can also download text copies of your maps as well for use in your indie roguelike (if you choose to develop one). Jay+_ merely asks that you contact him to let him know you are using his tool to create a map.

Roguelike games are popular right now, and this tool takes a lot of the work out of creating detailed, real-world maps. I’ve been playing with it for an hour making maps of places I’ve lived so, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get back to doing  that. Have a great weekend!


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