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4 Feb 2015

Looking For A Steam Alternative? Consider Indie Game Stand

We are always on the lookout for new methods of selling your indie games. We actually made an entire post about the topic long ago regarding selling your PC games without Steam. It is a list still worth browsing through, yet we left off another fantastic place to sell your PC games:

Indie Game Stand.

Indie Game Stand is a different type of online store. Indie Game Stand features a new indie game every four days for players to purchase at a discounted rate. According to Indie Game Stand:

“The point of the Indie Game Stand is to put a spotlight on those indie titles which provide fantastic experiences, but may have been passed over by the mainstream gaming public, portals, websites, or whatever. This site is about supporting all of the fantastic and worthwhile indie developers out there. Every developer out there deserves a moment to shine.”

Indie Game Stand is a lot like the Humble Bundle, in that 10% of every sale also goes to a charity chosen personally by an indie developer. If you like that aspect of the Humble Bundle, you’ll probably like it at Indie Game Stand, too.

Games can be stored in a user’s Game Wallet, or you can send out a Steam or Desura key for players to link to the platform of their choice. Indie Game Stand is all about flexibility and allowing indie developers to sell their games the way they desire. If you have been looking for a new way to sell your PC games – or you want to give your past PC games a breath of fresh air – Indie Game Stand these to be on your radar going forward. It’s a great way to get an extra payday on your games and showcase your brand to an all-new audience.

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