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7 Aug 2014

How to Keep Your Indie Studio’s Facebook Page Secure

Yesterday, we discussed the awesome new updates for the Facebook Pages app. Essentially, it allows you to manage your Facebook Page easier than ever on-the-go, and if you want to get some insight into your Facebook Page? It allows you to do so with a few taps.

But today’s topic isn’t about the app – rather, it’s about how to keep your Facebook Page secure at all times. Because you depend so heavily on your Facebook Page for marketing your brand, engaging with your followers, and sharing content in order to drive sales to your indie studio, you depend heavily on your Page. Thus, it is crucial that you keep your Facebook Page secure at all times.

How can you do this? By following a few of our tips below.


Keep tabs on your Page’s admins

If you are the only Page admin, then you can ignore this advice. For everyone else that has an additional admin and beyond, listen to this advice carefully: you need to keep an eye on who has admin privileges over your Facebook Page. Especially when people leave your studio and have admin privileges, it is imperative that you remove these privileges immediately.

The role of a Page admin should not be taken lightly, either. Any Page admin has the authority to post new content, remove old content, and even remove other Page Admins altogether! There have been many instances in which disgruntled employees have taken a Facebook Page hostage by removing every admin on the Page, allowing them to post and remove content at their leisure. This can be devastating to your brand, so don’t let it happen!

Rule of thumb: have only a few trusted (emphasis on trusted) members of your team have admin privileges at all times. If one of them leaves, remove their privileges immediately despite how much your trust them.


Research every third-party app

Facebook isn’t as safe as you would think. There are third-party apps out there that are malicious and simply too dangerous to install. Others are vulnerable to hackers, and if they are compromised? Your Facebook information could be compromised as well.


When choosing a third-party app, consider the following:

  • What type of information will the app access?
    • Does it seem as if it wants too much information that isn’t relevant to its tasks?
      • If the app wants access to post to your wall, look somewhere else.
  • How secure is the company behind the app?
    • Does the app use SSL encryption?
    • Segregated databases?
    • These are only a few of the questions you should ask.


Above all, change your password regularly

It’s really the smartest move you can make when protecting your Facebook Page. Change your passwords regularly, and never use the same password twice! No matter how careful you think you are online, your information could get stolen if a website you use normally is hacked. If it’s the same password as your Facebook account? Someone could break into your account and start causing havoc. It’s the same advice you’ve heard for over 20 years, but it’s still relevant: change your passwords often, and never use the same one twice!

If you want to keep track of your passwords, I suggest using LastPass. Not only will it remembers your passwords and log you into any account automatically, but it will also keep tabs on which passwords are safe, unsafe, and when it’s time to change your passwords.

It also works on iOS and Android too. I use it every day, and it’s a service I depend on daily.


Do you have any other comments or questions about securing your Facebook Page? Let us know in the comments below!

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