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22 Jul 2013

Infected Wars: Multiplayer Demo

Back before Game Academy was around, I had a monthly membership program showing people a behind the scenes look at what we were doing in the game business.  One of the subscribers was James Petty, an App System customer from Austin, TX.

I know a lot of people making 3D games with Unity (which is a great engine), but James was the only guy I personally knew toying around with the Unreal engine.  If you aren’t familiar with Unreal, this is what the majority of high-end Playstation and Xbox games are created with.  It’s a daunting task, not easy to use, but creates some amazing games.  Some recent examples of games using Unreal are Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Mortal Kombat, Mass Effect, Bioshock Infinite, and many more.

Well, after 2 years in development, they have submitted the game to Apple and let me tell you, it’s amazing.

This is the first FPS game with Multiplayer Co-Op on iOS, check out some exclusive in game footage here:

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  1. This is a TPS not a FPS, Game looks good,

    The Unreal engine is a can be a nightmare a friend of mine has been coding on it for a year now. We have done a few mods. Didn’t realize we can put them in the app store. Thanks for the heads up hehe.

    This reminds me of quake II graphics, Still looks like fun.

  2. Hardeep

    Not sure what the licence cost for the unreal engine are (can only find price for the UDK which is totally different) but rumour has it that it is expensive. So combine this with 2 years to develop and the game will need to make some serious cash to break even.

    The game does look awesome BUT something just as good can be made with Unity as you can develop your own shaders for it and write your game in C# if you want. And I expect its a lot cheaper than licensing the Unreal Engine.

    Still good luck to the developer and well done on producing a nicely polished game.

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