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17 Apr 2015

Indie Marketing Tip: The Power Of Humanization

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We have been discussing customer service over the last week here at Game Academy (check out yesterday’s tips on how to improve customer service) for one good reason: namely, because we rarely talk about how to provide stellar customer service. Yet, fantastic customer service is vital to the success of your indie studio. Offering great customer service is a funny thing, too: the better your customer service, the better your indie studio is going to come across on social media.

That isn’t mainly because your customers will be more eager to tout your awesome customer service, either. No, there is something interesting that happens whenever you provide solid customer service. You feel better about yourself, marketing your brand suddenly does not seem like a chore, and you find yourself taking pride in your studio more than ever before.

You are also eager to display your personality as you market as well; in other words, you want to humanize your indie studio. There is power in humanizing your indie studio, too. As we’ve stated many times in the past, using humor to market your brand and ensuring your personality shines is one of the top ways to get your brand noticed and to have your customers respond positively to your message. Thanks to Social Media Examiner, we’re going to look at a few indie marketing tips on how the power of humanization can help your indie studio to gain a following.

Be casual

One of the best methods for humanizing your brand is to use casual language when engaging with your audience. It goes against a lot of the lessons we have been taught growing up, though. I know personally, I have always been taught to come across as professional, proper, and like I know what I’m talking about when consulting with the public. It is great advice that still holds true today – but we live in the Internet age.

But let’s look at that second word for a moment: proper. We live in an era in which customers do not want to feel like they are engaging with a faceless company. People want to feel like they are engaging with a real person, and the best way to do this is to have a casual demeanor whenever you are marketing your studio on social media, engaging with your customers in a conversation, and providing helpful advice for customers that need customer service support. There is no room (and especially no reason) to come across as an entity that lacks personality, seems like a ‘stuffed shirt,’ and sounds more like a robot than a real human being. Social Media Examiner sums it up best:

“Talk to [your customers] the same way you talk to your friends and family.”

Signing posts

I have never really thought about the significance of signing your posts on social media with your name. I’ll be honest: the first thing that comes to my mind whenever I think about signing posts is the older people (60s, 70s, and so on) that use Facebook for the first time and feel the need to sign every post and comment they publish. This is not the same thing, though.

Social Media Examiner states that signing your posts is a new trend that is making waves in 2015 – and many top brands are already doing this. Because your audience will only see your indie studio’s name whenever they see anything that you post, consider signing each post so it confirms that a real person wrote the post. Now, anyone in their right mind is going to know a real person writes your post – but that is not the issue here. By eliminating any doubt and essentially coming right out and saying, “there are real people behind the face of this brand,” you are providing a human touch to your brand that – if done over and over again – will humanize your brand completely. It is a great touch that we have never mentioned here at Game Academy, and personally, I love this tip!

Your unique voice

Finally, be sure that you develop your own unique voice for your social media profiles. There is no easy way to tell you how to do this; the only thing you can do to develop your own unique voice is to continuously market your indie studio. Keep writing, keep marketing, and continue being creative and personable as you market your indie studio every single day. Eventually, you will discover of voice that is true to your nature and is perfectly aligned with your indie studio; follow it, and your indie studio is going to look original, unique, and people are going to certainly respond to your marketing efforts.

Do you have any questions or comments about the power of humanization? Let us know in the comments below!

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