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27 Oct 2014

Indie Game Marketing: Use Google+ Hashtags to Promote Your Indie Studio

Last week, we discussed a little bit about how to make Google+ work for you for one main reason: Google+ doesn’t get discussed nearly enough. Despite Google+ not being nearly as popular as other social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to name a few), it’s still worth using to promote your indie studio. One of the best tactics you can use is to use hashtags to gain more exposure than you normally would on Google+. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Shared interests

When you include a few hashtags in your updates on Google+ that are relevant to your indie studio, your posts have the potential to show up in other people’s news feed – even if you are not connected with them or do not have any friends in common!

This has the potential to work wonders for increasing your indie studio’s reach! Google+ users that prove they have an interest in indie gaming could very well be seeing your Google+ posts on a regular basis if you use appropriate hashtags (#indiegaming would be the first obvious hashtag to use – feel free to get creative with others). Moral of the story? Use appropriate hashtags on Google+ at all times!

Don’t have an idea for a hashtag? Leave it to Google+

If any entity knows which hashtags are the most searchable and which ones are weak, it’s Google. Thus, Google+ now gives you the option to include recommended hashtags based on the hashtag you include in your post. It’s a great way to add the best hashtags related to your hashtag you want to use, and a solid way to improve your indie studio’s reach.

Want an idea for a hashtag? Google+ can help with that too

If you want to use your own hashtags, know that Google+ makes it simple for you to find hashtag ideas for your posts. Simply go over to the ‘Explore’ section of Google+ and look through hashtags that are related to a hashtag you input into the search. From there, Google+ will give you a laundry list of hashtags that you can use to make your presence reach further than ever. It’s a lot like the tip above, but the amount of hashtags you can search through is much larger than the few suggestions the second tip provides.

Social Media Examiner suggests that you always include your brand name (i.e. your indie studio’s name) as a hashtag in each Google+ post, and I couldn’t agree more. The further your indie studio reaches, the more your audience could be using this hashtag as well, which in turn could be suggested to other users that have no come across your indie studio.

Hashtags are extremely powerful on Google+, and you need to be using them often. Have any questions or comments about using hashtags on Google+? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Social Media Examiner

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