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17 Nov 2014

Indie Game Marketing: Turn Your LinkedIn Profile Into a Marketing Powerhouse

If you missed last week’s post about creating a LinkedIn network to expand your indie studio’s reach, then I urge you to please read it first before reading today’s post, as it’s full of information that’s crucial to making LinkedIn be the marketing powerhouse that you want it to be. As stated last week, using LinkedIn for marketing purposes isn’t one of the first things that usually pop into people’s minds. Especially when you think about marketing using social media, you typically think about using one of the big few: Facebook and Twitter, maybe Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest.

But this is all repeated info you will find in the post linked above. LinkedIn is great for marketing purposes, and by knowing a few tips for marketing appropriately, you too can market your indie studio better than ever.

As simple as using headlines that sell…

Social Media Examiner suggests that you should use headlines (the bold print below your name) that don’t currently state your current occupation. If you look at most LinkedIn profiles, you will notice that they read too much like a resume, stating your current job title and so on. Get away from that! Instead, your LinkedIn profile must tell your visitors that entices them to continue reading your profile. For example, instead of stating that you are merely an ‘indie developer,’ roll your job title and achievements into one headline.

Example: ‘Indie Developer that has garnered 1-million+ downloads on iOS, Android, and Steam.’

This tells your viewers a few things:

  1. Your job title (important).
  2. A quick accomplishment that shows you actually know what you are doing (very important).

In other words, it shows you’re not just someone that’s claiming to be an indie developer without anything to show for it. The headline above would keep people reading your profile to see what else you have accomplished, and that’s exactly what you want to achieve!

Use the experience section to tell your story

Again, most LinkedIn profiles read like resumes. Go against the grain! One of the best ways to do this is to tell the story of your indie development career in the experience section of LinkedIn. Instead of listing a ton of responsibilities that you have had on different projects, in different roles, etc. (because who ultimately cares), tell the story about how you got to where you’re at today. Write it in a biographical tone, make it interesting, and make your visitors believe that you have been on an epic journey to get to where you’re at today!

Use media when possible

LinkedIn also has a Professional Gallery feature where you can different types of media, such as videos, SlideShare presentations, and so much more. This would be a great place to put links from your developer diaries, as you would be able to showcase exactly what you have done and accomplished.

Do you have any questions regarding using LinkedIn to turn your profile into a marketing powerhouse? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Social Media Examiner

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