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22 Oct 2014

Indie Game Marketing: Here’s How to Make Google+ Work For You

When discussing marketing on social media, Google+ tends to get lost in the shuffle. While it isn’t the world’s most popular social media platform (far from it at this point), it’s still worth your consideration. Google+ can still work to improve your brand’s reach in a variety of different ways – you just have to know how to make it work for you.

That brings us to today’s topic. By following the advice below, you will definitely have the luxury of ensuring that not only is your indie studio has a better presence than ever before on Google+. Here’s how:

Claim that custom URL

Social Media Examiner suggests that you claim your custom URL before doing anything else. If you haven’t been on Google+ in a while, you will notice those weird URL strings associated with Google+ profiles are now gone, and have been replaced with custom URLs that you can claim (kind of like how Facebook treats user profiles). Go here to learn how to get a custom Google+ URL for your indie studio for both your profile and Google+ Page!

Just be sure to make certain that your URL is as identical as possible to your indie studio’s name. That way, if a fan wants to add you to Google+ or comes across your name, they will automatically recognize the name of the studio and will want to add you.

Ensure your Google+ Page/profile is searchable

Include keywords to your Google+ Page and profile on the About page. This is where you need to include a relevant tagline related to what you do. Since you’re an indie developer, you need to put the words ‘indie developer’ in your tagline for keyword purposes, but you also need it to be a little catchy – just try not to make it sound cheesy (calling yourself an ‘indie developer Jedi,’ for example, isn’t okay).

Be sure to also include an introduction (describe yourself to people), your indie studio’s name, who you are/what you do, relevant contact info, links to your site and games, etc.

Be creative and fun with this, but again, be certain you are including keywords that people are going to be searching for. For example, try to fit phrases such as ‘developing indie games,’ ‘making indie games,’ and so on.

This will increase the odds of your Google+ profile and Page showing up in search results.

Post compelling content

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: posting content that your audience will love is key. If you can pull this off in addition to the steps above, you will be leveraging your Google+ Page and profile in such a way that it could end up being one of the main sources of traffic for getting people to learn more about the games that your indie studio offers.

Feel free to share the same relevant content on both your personal profile and your indie studio’s Google+ Page to get more views as well. Don’t overdo it, but when you want your content to get a needed ‘boost,’ share when appropriate

Do you have any questions about making Google+ work for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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