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15 Jan 2015

Indie Game Marketing: Differently – A Presskit() Alternative

If you have been reading our Free Tool Friday posts, then you already know that we’re extremely impressed with Vlambeer’s Presskit(). The tool essentially takes the pain out of creating a press release, and allows you to create press pages that will catch the eye of the press. But it isn’t for everyone, and the guys over at Necrosoft Games agree. Thus, they created an alternative to Presskit(), suitably named Differently.

According to Differently’s page:

“We made differently because we liked the resulting structure and format of Presskit(), but found that we couldn’t edit it without artifacts remaining, or rearrange images without getting into the php, and at that rate we figured we’d just make our own and release it publicly for others who might need something like that.”

The biggest difference between the two tools is that Differently uses markdown instead of XML. This means that if you forget to close a tag or want to remove, rename, or add a new section to your press kit, you can do so with ease. Moreover, Differently uses client side rendering instead of php, meaning it’s easier for those who have no idea what php even is to create press kits to their liking.

Necrosoft Games admits that there is a downside to Differently, in that you have to manually link projects and images due to Differently rendering client side (versus Presskit() auto-populating such items from folders). It’s going to take longer to create your press kits, but you will have more control over them than with Presskit().

Some people are going to prefer Presskit() to Differently and vice-versa, but that’s okay: both tools are awesome. To learn how to properly use Differently, go here and scroll to the ‘Tips for using differently’ section near the bottom of the page. In fact, read the entire page, as it’s full of great tips to make Differently work for you.

Do you prefer Differently? Presskit()? Something else entirely? Let us know in the comments below!

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