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24 Sep 2014

Indie Devs: New to Kickstarter? Use These Tips for a Successful Video

Last week, we mentioned that Kickstarter is open to Denmark, Ireland, Norway, and Sweden, and as a result, there are probably some of you out there that are thinking about launching a Kickstarter campaign for your indie game. We’ve mentioned tips for creating a successful crowdfunding campaign before, but before you dive in and begin creating a Kickstarter campaign, you need to know how to successfully create a video.

A topic on this exact subject was posted last month on Gamasutra, and the tips features will assuredly help you to get more eyes on your crowdfunding campaign. Not only that, but it could very well mean the difference between success and failure. Here are some key tips you need to know about creating a successful video for your next campaign.

Be personal

Introduce yourself to the world, and show the audience that you are actually a real person. Be on camera (and have your other team members on camera then introduce them as well), tell the world all about your team, your indie studio, and what your upcoming game is all about. You need to build a connection to the audience that will last throughout the length of the video, and being personal at the get-go is the best way to do this.

Show actual gameplay footage

If you don’t have any footage to show off currently, don’t start a Kickstarter campaign just yet. Gameplay footage must be in the alpha stage or greater, and should show the audience that the game isn’t just a prototype or an idea, but a game that is already in progress. It’s a great way to hook the audience: show them what has been accomplished, but tell them that you need them to finish the game. Which brings us to the following question that you need to answer in the video:

“Why do we need your help?”

The answer should be easily answered in the video. Of course, the easy answer is, “we need your help to finish this game,” but that isn’t good enough. What’s in it for the player? A good game they will enjoy playing? There’s many of awesome games that are available to play now, so why should the world take a chance on your game and fund it?

This is the question you need to answer. If you can tell the world why they should take a gamble and fund your game, how much they will enjoy playing your game once it’s released, and finally how much further you have to go until your indie game is fully developed, then you will have a greater chance of hooking them.

In other words: give them a reason to care about whether your game succeed or fails. Only then will they even consider funding it.

Provide a call to action

Finally, give the call to action. Give the official rundown of what the world can do to ensure your indie game sees the light of day. Provide information on the tiers you are offering, and tell the world why they should consider higher tiers over the lower-level ones. Invite your audience to help you out, to bring your vision to other like-minded gamers, and make them know that without their help, your indie game may never be made.

The last sentence is especially important: make your audience know that without them, your indie game is nothing. It’s this type of humility that you need to bring to your video, and could very well mean the difference between a successful crowdfunding campaign and one that is going to blow up in your face.

Source: Gamasutra

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