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14 Nov 2014

Indie Developers: Reboot Your Brain This Weekend

We all know what a drag the work week can be. Despite having your dream job (or struggling to make your dream job your ‘dream job’), you’re probably mentally exhausted by the time Friday rolls around. We’ve mentioned the value of a positive weekend, the benefits of unplugging from technology over the weekend, and even what successful indie developer do every weekend, and it’s all great advice.

But sometimes, you just need to reboot your brain. Thus, the topic of today’s post.

We’ve (probably) mentioned a lot of the advice below before, so if you read repeat advice then I apologize. But if you’re really serious about rejuvenating your brain and returning to work Monday feeling like a billion dollars and then some, we can help.

Stressed? Fatigued? Feel like giving up? It doesn’t matter. Follow the advice below, and you’ll feel better by the time Monday rolls around.


Consider unplugging

Have you noticed that you feel stressed whenever a notification pops up on your mobile device? Are you swearing that you’re feeling vibrations from your device in your pocket when you’re trying to relax? Then you need to unplug this weekend. At the very least, turn off the Wi-Fi and mobile data from your mobile devices and turn off your workstations: that way, you can still get calls and texts from family and/or friends that want to spend time with you.

And if you start stressing about what you’re missing, know that it can wait until Monday.


Tackle that weekend project

And if you don’t have one: find one! Do you have a project that you’ve always wanted to tackle, but you haven’t found the time? Then go grab the necessary supplies and get started!

I’ll even give you an idea to get started. Do you have an old laptop that still works but you have no need for it? Instead of throwing it away, turn it into a Pong clock!


The old standby: play some video games

Although you develop video games for a living, you still love playing games, so why not play a few games you’ve been holding off on playing this weekend? While unplugging from technology for a few days can help you to reboot your brain and feel relaxed, getting lost in a video game can work wonders for making you feel great. Heck, it’s the reason people play games in the first place!

If you don’t have any games to play, spoil yourself and go out and buy one that’s caught your eye for a while, or find a few good deals on Steam and enjoy your games that way. Heck, play Hearthstone: it’s free-to-play and one of the most fun strategy games I’ve played in ages (it’s also hopelessly addictive). You really don’t have an excuse not to enjoy at least one video game, so come on: relax, unwind, and reboot your brain this glorious weekend.

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