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29 Aug 2014

Indie Developers: How to Make the Most of Labor Day Weekend

I’m a big proponent of taking every weekend off. They’re great because they allow you to rejuvenate your mind and return to work the next week feeling refreshed and ready to knock the week out of the park (plus, it eliminates burnout). Successful indie developers have a routine for getting the most out of their weekends and you should too. But when a holiday like Labor Day comes around once a year that’s designed to help hard workers like ourselves relax and enjoy an extended weekend? It calls for something special.

If you are not planning on taking Labor Day weekend off, change those plans immediately. Sure, you have probably been on a summer vacation already (and perhaps even a spring break) so you’ve had your fair share of relaxation, but let’s think about what the rest of the year after Labor Day weekend represents: holidays, long work hours, stress, etc.

Essentially, Labor Day weekend is the gateway to the most stressful time of the year. The same goes for indie developers as well. You want to develop and release your indie game(s) before the holiday season, because it could mean big profits for your indie studio. The holidays are go-time for buying video games. Before they get here, take a breather and relax a bit in preparation for the months ahead.

In other words, take full advantage of this extended Labor Day weekend. Below are the best ways to get the most out of your Labor Day weekend and return to work the following Tuesday refreshed and ready to tackle the end of the year.


Play some video games

If you’re like me, you’ve been too busy working to actually spend time on the hobby you love the most: gaming. You probably have a backlog of games you are dying to play if only you had a little bit of extra time – well now you do! Take the time to get engrossed in an old favorite or a new game you’ve been dying to play. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get a great idea to implement into a future game of your own!



Even if you don’t read regularly, I urge you to unplug your wireless router, turn off your mobile devices, find a book that interests you, and spend the extended weekend reading it. It doesn’t matter if you finish it, and it can be anything: a graphic novel, an autobiography – even a cookbook if that’s what you enjoy. Kick back, relax, and allow you and the characters of your book become one. Believe me, you’ll feel relaxed.


Enjoy the outdoors

You’re probably like me in that you don’t get outside nearly enough. Once you are finished with work for the day, most of the day is gone and you can’t really get out and enjoy it. Add to the fact that you’re probably exhausted as it is, and you see a pattern: you’re inside most of the time and are missing out on the beauty of the outdoors.

That doesn’t mean you have to spend all weekend camping out in the middle of nowhere. Riding a bicycle for half an hour each day or simply playing some basketball outside is all you need to do to reap the benefits of the warm, summer weather.


Just enjoy the weekend

Whatever you want to do and whatever you’ve been putting off, do it this Labor Day weekend. Make the most of these waning days of summer. Believe me: you’ll return to work Tuesday refreshed, feeling like a million bucks, and ready to tackle the rest of the year. Labor Day exists to give you a chance to take a breather, so take advantage of it!

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