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10 Oct 2014

Indie Developers: The Guide to a Positive Weekend

Hey, did you know the weekend is right around the corner? Of course you did! It’s a time for much-needed relaxation after a hard week of work, but did you know that what you do on the weekend can have a significant effect on the upcoming work week? It’s true! While we’re not trying to put any pressure on how to spend your weekend (after all, it is your weekend), there are certain things you just need to do in order to make the most of it, feel refreshed, and return to work on Monday feeling fantastic.

Wake up the same time as you do every morning

Or, give or take an hour.

The thought of sleeping in until noon on the weekend is appealing, but how do you feel after you’ve done it? Like you have a hangover. You feel terrible too, like you’ve slept half the day away. Sleeping in is a lot like eating a gallon of ice cream: it sounds amazing, but when you actually do it? You feel awful.

I’ve made it a goal to wake up every morning at the same time I arise on the weekdays or an hour later. I used to  sleep in until 9am, 10am, sometimes even 11am and the day felt ruined. Now that I wake up either at 7am or 8am (no matter what) on the weekends, I have the entire day ahead of me – and that feels awesome.

Plus, I actually feel more rested than if I had slept late.

Do the things you have been putting off (that will make you happy)

You know those things that we enjoy doing but don’t have the time to do? Make time for them this weekend. I’ll give you the perfect example.

I have a stack of monthly comics that I haven’t had a chance to read through. The stack has been growing for the better part of a year, so I decided to start knocking those issues out when I wake up early every Saturday and Sunday morning (see what waking up early can do for you?). The result has been fantastic: I’ve rekindled my love for the excellent Saga and (New 52) Batman series, and the best part? I’m doing one of the things I love doing the most: reading comics.

What’s the one thing you’ve been wanting to do for a while but haven’t found the time to do it? Think about it for a moment, then do it. Like me, you’ll be glad you did.

Don’t multitask

I have a bad habit of multitasking, and I’m sure you do too. Truthfully, multitasking does nothing for us other than ensures that we churn out work more quickly (which may or may not be at the level of quality it needs to be). That’s sometimes a good thing, but when you consider some of the brightest minds in business never multitask, you kind of start to wonder if there is a better way.

Besides, multitasking makes you much more fatigued than focusing on one sole task, and when you want to relax as much as possible on the weekend, you don’t need that. That’s why I try to stop multitasking completely during the weekend. That includes not looking on my smartphone or tablet while I watch television or listening to a podcast while I play a video game (though I do listen to music/podcasts while driving – I’m not giving that up). Every weekend, if I’m doing something, I’m putting all my energy into that one thing. The best part? It’s helping me in my day-to-day work on the weekdays.

Start weaning yourself on doing one sole thing during the weekend. You’ll be better for it.

Have a positive attitude

Most importantly, just have a positive attitude throughout the weekend. Spend time with family and friends you care about, get a few drinks in you and be merry – just have a great time! That’s what the weekends are all about: unwinding, having fun, and relaxing in preparation for the following week.

Have any tips/comments about making the most of this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!

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