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15 Jan 2014

HP Smartphone Rumor Confirmed, Introducing the Slate 6

Earlier this week there was a rumor that HP would soon be entering the mobile market with a new Android smartphone. Hewlett-Packard initially kept quiet about the suspected launch but today they officially confirmed the rumors that it’s releasing a smartphone, targeting the India market first.

According to Re/code, HP is planning on launching two large sized Android devices next month. The first device will be a six-inch smartphone and the second a seven-inch tablet. HP’s six-inch smartphone is fittingly named Slate 6 and is being referred to as a “phablet,” a large smartphone comparable to the size of a tablet. The second device coined the Slate 7 VoiceTab is a standard Android tablet similar to Google’s Nexus 7 but with an embedded feature allowing users to make voice calls.

Hewlett-Packard has not confirmed a date yet on when these products will be available in other countries and insists that their focus right now is on India.

Why India?

Although HP’s launch in India may appear as if it’s coming completely out of left field, it’s actually a very strategic and bold move on the company’s behalf. Apple has been struggling to penetrate the mobile market in India and is planning on releasing an inexpensive model of the iPhone 4 soon in hopes to turn users into iOS fans. If Hewlett-Packard’s launch of the Slate 6 is successful they might become the first company to have one-up on Apple.

(Source: VentureBeat )

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