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13 Mar 2015

How To Market Your Indie Studio: Marketing Games With Games

All this week, we have been discussing the best ways to market your indie studio. If you haven’t checked out these posts, we urge you to do so – especially if you are a new indie developer. Today, we’re finishing up the week with a look into the future.

You see, after you release a few indie games after your initial release, it’s going to become easier to market your indie games to your current customers (and if you followed our advice earlier in the week, then you already know how to win dedicated customers). Still confused? Let us explain…

New content? Notify players in all of your games

If you plan to consistently release new content for your indie games, then this tip is essential. When we talk about marketing games with games, what we mean by this is simple: within every game you have released, you have the option to notify your new players when any of your other games have new content available for purchase.

We’ll give you an example. Let’s assume that you have released four games, and you are still creating new content for your original game. When the new content for the original game is released, you can use every one of your games to send a notification to the player (via a push notification for your mobile games and/or in-game notifications such as a news section on main menu of your games) to alert them there is new content for purchase. Include relevant links to the actual game if they have never installed it in addition to links to the new content.

Thus, you are actually exposing your original game to every player that continues to play your indie games – whether they only purchased your second game or have played them all. 

Upcoming previews and trailers?

Marketing games within games is also a great way to announce new news about your indie studio, such as upcoming previews and trailers. The principle is the same as the one mentioned above: simply send a notification to your players and let them know where they can view the content. It’s a great way to drive traffic while ensuring that your current customers know what you have in store for them!

Misc. uses

The beauty of marketing your games with games is that you can be creative with how you use it! For example, if want to announce that your social media pages are conducting a contest to win a free copy of your upcoming game, you can announce this via the push/in-game notifications of your indie game!


While you may be tempted to send a notification about everything that you have in store for your players, if you are using push notifications for your mobile games, we urge you to use them sparingly. If your players are constantly getting push notifications, they are either going to uninstall the game or turn off the notifications completely; in both instances, neither case is a good one. Thus, use push-notifications to announce big-time news (e.g. new content, new trailer, upcoming games, etc.) and use in-game notifications to announce the rest of your news. Balance is key!

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