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12 Mar 2014

Google Buys Green Throttle Games

It was recently confirmed by PandoDaily that Google has purchased Green Throttle Games’ parts and labor division. The news comes right on the brink of the upcoming ‘TV box war’ between major tech giants that are rumored to begin within the coming weeks.

Launched in 2012 by the creator of the infamous console game Guitar Hero, Charles Huang, along with Matt Crowly and Karl Townsend who were part of the development team for first Palm Pilot, Green Throttle Games was born. The company received a substantial amount of backing estimated at $6 million in series A funding through Trinity Ventures and DCM.

Green Throttle TV Box ImageThey created the Atlas controller which seamlessly integrated its Android Arena App via Bluetooth. The controller was harshly disparaged as being out of sync with its competitors such as OUYA but the founders Huang, Crowley, and Townsend whole-heartedly disagreed. They stood behind their product and claimed it was actually a step above companies like OUYA because it had a fine-tuned software development kit available to help app developers excel on its platform.

Although a Google spokesperson would not disclose the details of the deal, they did confirm that one had been made. The deal also involved former Green Throttle staff members and two of the three co-founders, Crowley and Townsend becoming part of Google’s team.

Inside sources report that the Green Throttle Games acquisition is an obvious sign that Google is going too launch its set-top TV box centered on games sometime in the first half of this year and are interested in Green Throttle’s controller’s Bluetooth technology.

The Los Angeles Times reported last week that Amazon’s set top box is a strategic move on their behalf to take out Netflix and it could arrive as early as the end of March. Apple has been in talks with cable company Time Warner for a potential launch of their new TV box in April. It appears that Google plans to get in on the action as well with their latest acquisition of Green Throttle Games.

(Source: PandoDaily)


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