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31 Jul 2014

Get Your Indie Studio’s Tweets Noticed

Are you unsure if people are paying attention to your tweets? If you have any doubts, then you are going to be benefit from today’s post. With nearly 500-million tweets sent every single day, it is crucial that you ensure that your tweets are standing out as best as possible. Impossible? Not if you practice a few sound techniques. Here are a few ways you can make your tweets stand out from the rest.


Don’t just retweet – personalize it

Have you ever read an interesting article tweeted by someone you follow and thought to yourself, “hey, I bet my followers would enjoy this;” only to press the Twitter widget somewhere in the article so it would be tweeted to your followers? If you have, then you’re only doing it halfway correctly. When you retweet someone’s tweet with a linked article, this doesn’t do a lot for engagement. Your followers are going to see the retweet, they may read the article, and move on.

You need to entice them to take that final step: engage with you. The best way to do this? Begin your retweet with a question.

Let’s use this article as an example. Assume that someone you follow tweeted about this article, and you enjoyed it so much that you decide to retweet it. Instead of merely retweeting it and moving on, you could begin the retweet with a question such as, “Do you have problems getting your tweets noticed?” Your followers will then answer the question, engage with you, and thus, a conversation has begun among some of your followers.

Easy enough, but it’s one helpful way to get your tweets noticed.


And share articles more than once

Especially if they stem from your dev blog. If you want to get your articles – or even any links pertaining to your indie studio – noticed on Twitter, don’t just tweet the link once and forget about it. The shelf life of tweets is pretty slim. Rather, tweet the same link multiple times per day for maximum exposure.

Now, it isn’t that easy. You can’t continue posting the same headline and link time after time. On the contrary, you need to change the headlines, hashtags used, etc. every time you share the same link. In fact, I would suggest that you create a new custom Bitly every time you want to share a link. Not only does it hide the fact that you are sharing the same link multiple times per day, but you can also log into your Bitly account and see how many people clicked on the link.


Bring the personality

How do you craft compelling headlines every single time? Bring your personality to Twitter. You have a good personality; I know you do. The way you talk with friends, shoot the breeze with co-workers, etc. should be brought to the limelight every time you use Twitter (or any other social media platform for that matter). Be witty, be creative, be you; just don’t be like everyone else.


Getting your tweets noticed on Twitter isn’t rocket science. Use your best judgment, have a personality (and again, I know you do), and follow the few simple tips above to make people notice your indie studio’s tweets. You can do it!

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