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5 Mar 2015

After GDC 2015: Manage Your New Contacts With These Tools

We’ve been celebrating the kickoff to video game conference season all this week here at Game Academy, with a focus on how to properly network at GDC 2015. Yesterday, we finished our three-part series on networking at GDC by telling you how to touch base with the contacts you met during the week. But what if you have an absurd amount of contacts to sift through? Most importantly, what if you want an easier way to manage your contacts going forward?

Enter our list of tools below. These tools will make managing your contacts easier than ever. No matter if you want to use them on your Android or iOS device, or you are looking for a Web tool, we’ve got something for everyone after the jump.


Also available for iOS, CamCard allows you to snap a photo of your business cards, to which the contact information is automatically saved on your mobile device. Not only does this eliminate the chore of having to type and store every facet of contact information from the business cards you collected throughout the week, but CamCard also allows you to add notes, create reminders regarding contacting the contacts, and even allows you to share your stored cards with others via an e-card. While we suggest carrying around paper business cards, Camcard at least gives you the option.

To ensure you have access to all of your contacts, CamCard can automatically store the saved information to the cloud, allowing you to access it on any iOS/Android device and the Web no matter where you may be!


If you hate your stock address book, Contacts+ (also available for iOS) allows you to easily organize your new contacts while giving you the power to call and text message them all in one app! You can also backup your contacts and even your call and text message logs in the event that your mobile devices stop working properly. When you want to keep your contacts as organized as possible, you need Contacts+!


After you have added the people you networked with on social media and you added their information into your iOS device, that’s where FullContact comes in. If you want to add all of your contacts in one place (or want an alternative to Contacts+), FullContact will allow you to combine Google Contacts, social media contacts, and of course your iPhone contacts into one app. You can also automatically add photos and social media information (you can even see the latest social media posts by each contact if applicable), add tags to organize every contact, and even sync all of the information to multiple address books – from Gmail and beyond. It’s a power address book done right, so give it a shot!


Finally, there is Rexter: a powerful tool that essentially informs you as to whom you should be speaking to at the moment via an ordered list. Allowing you to create objectives that prioritizes your contacts (e.g. if you have a meeting with someone tomorrow morning, they are going to be at the top of the list) and see relationship strengths, if you have followed up with any contacts, and even a full history of every interaction with each contact, Rexter is one of the most powerful methods to organizing how you interact with your contacts.

Rexter has a laundry list of other features (including apps for iOS and Android) so learn more about this amazing service here. It isn’t free, but if you are serious about optimizing your contact information and especially with engaging the people you met this week, this tool is for you!

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