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17 Jul 2014

Gamevil Reaches Over 400 Million Mobile App Downloads

The South Korean mobile game studio known as Gamevil is having a monumental month. The company recently reached over 400 million app downloads, hitting a new milestone. They’ve also just released their latest game called Kritika: Chaos Unleashed. The action RPG title takes players deep into a world of corruption. Players become a local hero determined to free the innocent people of Kirenos from their cruel sinister ruler named Alki.

It’s up to users to bring justice and peace back to the lands, one victorious battle at a time. Players get to choose their characters, select from Berserker or Acrobat skill classes, and battle Alki’s powerful enchanted milita with a variety of combative moves and spells.

It features a hack-n-slash style of gameplay. The virtual joystick buttons for movement and attacking adds an arcade-like experience. There are also a few cool super attacks that can be executed and a handful of potent elixirs to boost your character’s stats. Although it’s appears to be your basic RPG with a freshly updated appearance, the game is a transport. It’s based off of the original Korean MMORPG game called Kritika.

In the revised mobile version, Kritika: Chaos Unleashed, players can tackle the level based story mode or battle in Rival Matches mode. There are lots of difficult missions and great graphics, which are two of the winning components for a solid game capable of generating app downloads.

The studio has been quite successful with the launch of their previous strategy based or action role-playing games like Fantasy Warlord, Akasha, and the immensely popular Zenonia series from their USA division. The company reportedly made an estimated 100 million in 2013.

Their game Kritika: Chaos Unleashed is available now on iOS and Google Play. However the game is just the first of several launches the studio has in the works for their fans. They’re planning on releasing a huge content update for MLB Perfect Inning along with the rebirth of the beloved Zenonia series under the title Zenonia Online.

(Source: Insidemobileapps)

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