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9 Sep 2014

Gain the Confidence to Become a Full-Time Indie Developer

We won’t sugarcoat it: quitting your dayjob and becoming a full-time indie developer is a massive step. It can be hard to get the courage to pull the trigger and start your business too. After all, you are essentially laying your livelihood on the line and taking a risk that could essentially make or break you.

But it doesn’t have to ‘break’ you! There are several ways you can not only gain the confidence to become an indie developer full-time, but also have the luxury of knowing that you are going to make it! Use these simple tactics below to gain the confidence and ultimately succeed as a full-time indie developer.


Create a business plan

One of the most important things you can do is to create a business plan that will help you to discover exactly what you need to do in order to stay profitable as you develop indie games full time. Answer these questions for yourself:

  • How much are you paying your outsourced employees to help with the development process?
  • If you quit your dayjob, how much extra will you need to earn annually to stay as comfortable as you are now?
    • How much more do you want to earn annually than you are now?
      • What do you have to do to make this happen?

Answer these questions and more, then write them into your business plan. Don’t know how to write a business plan? This post will help.


Give your indie studio a runway

What do we mean by this? Simple: give yourself enough money to be able to fund your business for a period of time. For your indie studio, you need to at least have enough money to fully fund your operations and to live off of for your saved money. How long? You will be able to figure this out in your business plan.

If you have been developing indie games part-time for a while, you probably have already paid for these costs – thus, you will need to have enough to simply live off of.

In other words, have enough money to support yourself, your family, and the growth spurt of your indie studio!

The trick here is to save as much money as possible in the beginning to give yourself enough time (i.e. a runway) to at least replace the wages you were earning at your dayjob. From there? The sky’s the limit.


Surround yourself with professionals

You probably have no idea how to run a company, and that’s okay. Surround yourself with other professionals such as your accountant, a manager at your bank, etc. There are numerous ways you can learn how to structure your indie studio, learn answers to your financial questions, etc. The most successful people in business do not have all the answers: heck, they don’t even have a fraction of them. Rather, they surround themselves with intelligent people that provide them with solid advice that ultimately helps their business to be profitable and remain strong.

Do the same with your indie studio. Whenever you have a problem or a question related to your business that you cannot answer, find someone that can! Even if you have to pay a professional to give you advice, believe me: it’s going to be worth it if it can save you stress, time, and most importantly – money.


Follow this advice, and believe me: you will have the confidence to start developing indie games full time. We will definitely revisit this topic in the future (probably sooner than later). If you have any questions or comments regarding gaining confidence to develop indie games full time, let us know in the comments below!

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