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29 Aug 2014

Free Tool Friday: RPTools and

We’re back for another edition of Free Tool Friday, and for this edition (and because it’s Labor Day weekend), I wanted to give you guys a set of tools you can use to play create/manage/play pen-and-paper RPGs wherever you are over this Labor Day weekend. The best thing about playing pen-and-paper RPGs? It will give you some great ideas to implement into your future indie games – plus pen-and-paper games are simply a blast!

First up is a set of free tools from the guys over at A team of programmers that are striving to make pen-and-paper campaigns easier than ever to manage, these guys have made tools for configuring your own dice sets, creating and managing every character in your campaigns, map tools that allow multiple users to use them simultaneously, and so much more. Check it out via the link above, as I know you’re going to find something to love!

Managing your pen-and-paper games on your desktop is nice and all, but it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have anyone to play with. Remember that group of friends that loved playing pen-and-paper games after school? You can bring them back together via It’s safe to say this site has revolutionized the way people can come together and play pen-and-paper games, as it allows you to use a virtual tabletop on your desktop, allowing you to play virtually no matter where you are. Complete with webcam/mic support so you can see and speak with players in real-time, it’s another free tool that’s a blast to play.


That’s it for this week’s edition of Free Tool Friday. If you guys have any tools you want to see featured in future installments, drop me a line or simply comment below!

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