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9 Jan 2015

Free Tool Friday: Distribute()

Happy Friday everyone, and welcome to another edition of Free Tool Friday! Every week, we take a look at a free tool designed to make your indie studio easier to manage, and today’s tool is definitely no exception. I’m talking about Distribute() – a tool that you need to be using as soon as possible!

We mentioned Distribute() earlier this week when highlighting the newest update to Presskit() from developer Vlambeer. Presskit() was also part of a past Free Tool Friday, and to get the best out of Presskit() (and Distribute() for that matter), you need to use both of them together. But enough yammering: here is what makes Distribute() so awesome!

For starters, Distribute() allows you to save time on distributing builds and keeping track of your press lists. When you are ready to send out a new build to certain publications for a preview, all you have to do is sent out a distribute() link for the game to your contacts, and Distribute() will take care of the rest. Moreover, Distribute() will also store codes for your indie games as well and distribute the proper amount to your contact list. No matter if you use Steam codes, iOS codes, codes for consoles, it doesn’t matter: Distribute() handles everything and will remind you when you are running low on codes.

The best part about it? This is just the beginning! To learn about everything Distribute() can do for you, visit the tool’s page and discover what it can do for you. It’s one of the most powerful free tools we’ve ever mentioned here on Free Tool Friday, so believe us when we tell you that it’s certainly worth your time.

That’s it for this week’s edition of Free Tool Friday! If you know of a free tool you want to see highlighted in a future installment, let us know in the comments below!

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