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12 Sep 2014

Free Tool Friday: 10,000+ Game Assets From (Now-Defunct) MMO, Glitch

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Free Tool Friday – a feature where I personally scour the Web to find free tools and resources designed to help you design your indie games easier than ever! This week, I have for you 10,000+ game assets from the game Glitch, brought to you by the fine folks at Tiny Speck!

Glitch was a web-based MMO that began private testing in 2009, was opened publicly in 2010, and eventually shut down in 2012. Over 150,000 people played the game, and for good reason: the game looks cartoonishly beautiful! Instead of sitting on the assets and letting them waste away, Tiny Speck has completely relinquished the ownership of all of its assets (again, 10,000+ in total) to help indie developers like you make the game development experience just a little bit easier.

Download as few or as many of the assets as you wish here and use them however you desire in your indie game. Tight!

That’s it for this week’s edition of Free Tool Friday. If you have a free tool you want to share with us, feel free to comment below. Who knows? Maybe I’ll feature it in a future installment!


Have a great weekend everyone, we’ll be back Monday!

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  1. Philip Caballero

    Thanks Dusty, that’s really cool. I’m sure I’ll find something useful there even though I haven’t looked yet. How long do you reckon it would take to download 10,000+ images? Haha ha!

  2. Philip Caballero

    Well I tried. It took most of the weekend… because I kept checking the files as they downloaded. I have Flash CS5, so the .swf files are okay, but nearly all of the .fla files won’t open unless you have Flash CSS 5.5 or greater.

    After CS5 I didn’t commit to the entire CS suite any more and just upgraded DreamWeaver& Fireworks to CS 6. In iOS Flash was a dead duck anyway.

    Still, some beautiful assets there for elements and backgrounds. Thanks again.

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