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21 Feb 2014

Distimo Reveals Free-to-Play Mobile Games are on the Rise

According to the latest report by Distimo, the popular app analytics and data firm, free-to-play apps with IAP are still on the rise. The data revealed that revenues from IAPs peaked the highest ever in mobile history during the month of November in 2013.

Thus far, in-app purchases in iOS apps have contributed to a whopping 81% of the total US revenue acquired from the App Store which confirms the incredible opportunity available to make money with apps if you have the right strategy and concept in play.

Assets slightly dropped during December but as Distimo explained in their report that the drop is a common occurrence near the end of the holiday season. Paid apps have a higher tendency to sell during the last month of the year since people are giving iTunes gift cards and mobile devices as gifts. Users are more apt to invest in a paid app and splurge a bit.

The data also showed that in January 2014 the F2P revenue shares in the App Store was 79% which is a significant increase from last year’s 66% and 2012’s 46% totals.

However, the US isn’t the only region indicating massive growth. China and Japan has both been in the spotlight for their impressive figures over the past twelve months. Each of the countries’ IAP revenues contributes to 94% of all sales within the App Store.

Recently, Chartboost listed Japan as one of the most profitable App Store markets right now for not only free-to-play apps but paid ones as well.

Although the debate on whether or not the free-to-play business model is ideal continues to rage on Distimo and Chartboost’s data is definitely a positive sign for any app developer that is considering venturing into F2P, currently there is still plenty of potential for growth and ultimately success in using this structure.

(Source: Distimo)

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