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25 Jun 2014

First Steps to Using YouTube to Market Your Indie Games

Yesterday, we discussed how to use your iDevice to record your indie game’s content for marketing purposes. Yet, what happens next? Of course, you could upload your content to YouTube (or Vimeo as we state in yesterday’s post), but beyond that – how do you get people to watch your marketing content (and how do you get them to care?)?

That’s the real trick, isn’t it? Luckily, using the tips below, you will be able to make your YouTube channel work for you as you use your video content to further market your indie studio. Here is everything you need to know about marketing your content using YouTube.


Ensure your brand profile is straightforward

Before you do anything else, you need to make certain that your YouTube profile is targeting the ideal audience using the proper voice. It should immediately tell anyone looking at your profile who you are (an indie developer), what you do (develop indie games), and whom you are targeting (your target audience). By knowing these details, not only will visitors know exactly what you do, but this will also help you to develop compelling marketing strategies that work.

In essence – your brand profile will act as the foundation for your marketing efforts on YouTube.


Find your personality

Others call this ‘finding your voice,’ but no matter what you call it, it all points to one goal: finding the best way to engage with your audience and give them a proper ‘feel’ for your indie studio. Use the wrong personality, and you will likely turn off your target audience. For example, a family fun center will not use the same tone as rental car service. One will use a more laid back, fun tone (family fun center) while the other will be more straightforward and professional.

Using a proper personality and language that will speak to your target audience is crucial. Avoid turning off your audience, and use a proper voice and personality.


Creating a strategy

Now comes the meat and potatoes of using YouTube appropriately to market your indie studio. In this strategy, you need to answer the following questions:

  •  How many videos do you wish to share per month?
    • Over time, you will be able to identify the ‘sweet spot’ for how many videos you should share per month.
    • In the meantime, ask your peers how many they share per month and if it works for them.
    • This is a trial-and-error process, so patience is of the essence.
  •  What type of people are you trying to target?
    • This can easily be answered when you know your target audience.
  •  What is the message you want to send?
    • Buying your indie games is the obvious answer, but you need to send a message that answers why people need to purchase your indie games.
    • Do you develop games for a specific genre? If so, that’s one aspect of your target audience.
    • Having trouble finding your target audience? Look at what demographics generally buy your indie games and identify what they have in common. You’ll have a few leads to identifying a strong target audience.
  •  What is your ‘measuring stick’ for success?
    • Only you can answer this for yourself.
    • In other words, what will make marketing your indie games via YouTube feel worthwhile?
    • A handful of purchases per month? A few hundred purchases per month?
    • What is your goal that will make you realize that you are marketing your content appropriately?


You also need to figure out for yourself what type of content you will be showing. Obviously, it will be content related to your indie studio, but again, what type of content will you be showing? New trailers? In-game footage? Footage of your team discussing your indie game? You need to figure this out and discover for yourself which type of content works for your indie studio and which does not.

Of course, by identifying your target audience, you can properly gauge the type of content they will want to see as well, so start there.

Want to use more advanced features to make YouTube work for you? Read all about utilizing ‘YouTube Power Features’ to get the most out of YouTube here.

In the end, producing video content for marketing purposes related to your indie studio is all about finding your target audience. It’s the best place to start, and once you find it? You will have a good idea regarding the type of content worth creating.


Do you have any questions or comments related to using YouTube to market your indie studio’s games? Let us know in the comments below!

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