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31 Mar 2015

Expanding Your Indie Studio: Getting Serious About Reaching The Top

When it comes to developing indie games for a living, what does it mean to be at ‘the top?’ Think about this for yourself for a moment.

  • Does being at ‘the top’ mean that you develop an indie game that’s considered ‘game of the year’ by a few publications?
  • Does it mean that you gross the most money on the App Store charts?
  • Does it mean that you continue making more money every year than the years prior?
  • Maybe ‘the top’ means something else to you.

Whatever it means to you, today we’re going to focus on the best tactics you can use to reach the top. A lot of the advice mentioned is information we’ve mentioned before here at Game Academy, but it’s worth repeating yet again. It will help you to reach that next level and ultimately, expanding your indie studio. Below are the most important details you need to know.

Audit your game store pages

What exactly do we mean by this? It’s pretty simple: go scour through the store page of your indie games and take a look to see what could be improved. You may have to improve an assortment of things: from the icon of your indie game a description that tells the reader what they can expect.

Recently, we wrote a post detailing what to include in a game store page that should give you a good idea as to what needs to be included in the page. Double-check that everything in the list is included, audit your game store pages accordingly, and you will be left with a game store page that looks awesome and will attract new players.

Re-evaluate your marketing

First off: if you have any marketing questions at all, consult our week-long series on how to market your indie studio. We took an in-depth look at how to market your indie studio from the ground up so you can set yourself up for success for a long time to come. The series will also allow you to re-evaluate your marketing; much like auditing your game store pages, we suggest auditing and figuring out the best practices for marketing your indie studio.

While we’re not going to go into all of the best ways to market your indie studio, know this: your marketing efforts must convert visitors into buyers! Your fans on social media, every newsletter recipient, etc. needs to be enticed to buy your games – and you need to strive to raise that percentage at all times.

Fix any issues associated with your games

In other words, read the reviews on your game’s store pages and look at the emails you receive from customers. Is there a pattern of problems associated with your games (e.g. game freezes in certain spots, crashes on certain devices, etc.)? Then you need to take these more seriously, fix the problems, and make your game run better than ever. Quality control is one of the first steps in reaching that next level, so be sure that you are constantly revising your indie games and aiming for perfection.

Bigger social media push

If you are not using social media as often as you should be (e.g. multiple times per day), then it’s time to rethink your social media game plan. Share and create compelling content, engage with your audience (asking questions is the best way to do this), and beyond. Take a look at our post on generating buzz on social media to better understand how social media can help you to reach that next level.

Join us tomorrow as we focus on the next logical step: localization and breaking into new markets.

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