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23 Jun 2014

Ensure Your Blog’s Content is Shareable on Social Media

If you’re an indie developer, you need to be blogging. End of story. Blogging accomplishes a few things:

  • Gives the world an inside look into your life/work.
    • Always a good thing
  • Allows your website to rank better in Google.
    • Again, always a good thing
  • Makes you look like an expert.
    • If you’re passing along advice as an indie developer – and there will be moments when you will.


Blogging is another form of marketing your indie studio, yet the good thing about blogging? You get to be you. Blog about whatever you want, write about anything you desire, and allow your readers to learn what’s on your mind with every post.

However, you need to keep in mind that your readers may want to see you write about certain topics. Here at Game Academy, this happens to us all the time. A reader will request a certain topic, and most of the time, we’ll cover the topic in-depth. It makes sense: after all, you are writing to entertain/inform your readers anyway, right? You might as well write content they are interested in.

Interesting content is also shareable on social media, which brings us to today’s topic. By creating content that will interest your readers, they will be more inclined to share the content with their followers, and what will this do? Increase your audience base like never before! Increased readers could potentially equal an increase in sales as well – and that’s always a good thing.


So how do you create perfectly shareable content? Here are a few ways to accomplish this.


Ask your followers directly

Having trouble finding ideas to blog about? Want to have a topic that you think will be the most shareable? Then ask your followers directly! For example, if you want to write a blog post about the most annoying things that affect indie developers and how to solve them, ask your followers what they find the most annoying about being an indie developer. Easy as that. From there, you can form a blog post around their answers, resulting in content that is literally tailor-made for your audience.

Not only does this allow you to come up with new topic ideas, but it also engages your audience as well. It’s a two-fold approach to interacting your audience and increasing brand loyalty all the same, so put this tactic into practice!

Shareable images

For most people, the moment they notice an image that speaks to them, they cannot help but share it with their followers. Make it a habit to find images that you know your followers will love and instantly share with others. Save these images to a Dropbox account (well categorized, of course), and when it is time to share your image with your followers? It will be easy to do so.

The more images you share, the easier it will be able to tell which images are the most shareable and which ones are duds.

Use Facebook Graph Search

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what other interests the bulk of your followers had? Well, now you can find this information for yourself with Facebook Graph Search! In the search field on Facebook’s home page, type in these search strings to find what else interests your followers:

  • Pages liked by people you like [insert your page name].
  • Pages liked by men who like [insert your page name].
  • Pages liked by women who like [insert your page name].


Once you have the names of a few pages, insert these search strings:

  • Fans of [insert your page name] and [another page name]
  • Paged liked by people who live in [insert your city] and like [insert your page name] (if you want to reach a local audience).


From there, you will gain valuable data that will allow you to reach your audience like never before! It’s a great way to show your audience that you know what they like, and also, that you are going to deliver content that is relevant to them.

In the end, creating shareable content is merely a matter of finding what your followers like and want, and delivering it to them. It’s as simple as that. The difficult part is finding how to learn about this information. Luckily, the methods above are guaranteed to work (albeit a bit of trial-and-error processes on your end).

Do you have any comments, suggestions, or questions related to finding ideas for shareable content? Let us know in the comments below!

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