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9 Jun 2014

Employment in UK Game Industry Hits 5-Year High

According to a recent report from TIGA, employment levels in the UK game industry are at their highest. The company calculated the latest data on development in gaming and conducted interviews with game studio owners across the country to compile their census.

Overall investment in the industry as a whole and tax revenues have substantially grown also. The industry’s contribution to UK GDP has increased from £947m to £1.02bn. “The UK Games development sector is back on track,” commented TIGA CEO, Richard Wilson.

The TIGA CEO candidly broke down the various reasons that have contributed to the phenomenal growth in the area of gaming with the mobile app business as his number one factor.

“The sector’s return to growth has been driven by three factors. Firstly, the explosion of mobile and tablet devices have created a significant market for games: jobs are being created in response to this demand. Secondly, the closure of big console focused studios has been followed by a surge of small start-ups companies. Thirdly, the advent of Games Tax Relief (GTR), which TIGA was instrumental in achieving, is already stimulating growth.”

Wilson further explained the third factor involving the Games Tax Relief by stating that GTR has the potential to lower the cost of game development which ultimately increases the incentive to invest in the games industry.

“For example,” said Wilson, “Eden Films has plans to build a new games studio, Codec Studios, and to develop a new £30 million video game, providing employment for 100 highly skilled development staff for a minimum of three years. “Now that GTR has been approved by the EU Commission and games companies can claim from April 1st 2014 onwards, the UK can look forward to the creation of more jobs, more investment and the production of more culturally British video games.”

Co-founder and Creative Director of Rebellion studios, Jason Kingsley commented on the report by saying,” This is another great day for the UK video game sector. The industry is adapting and with the wind of GTR at our backs, the UK games development and digital publishing sector is set to surge ahead.”

(Source: EuroGamer)

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