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19 Aug 2014

Here is What Our Customers Are Saying About Buildbox

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Last night, we held the biggest event in our company’s history – so big in fact that our server actually crashed (sorry about that). Albeit a rocky launch, the rest of the evening went swimmingly, and we’re happy to say that less than 24-hours after launch, we already have a swarm of satisfied customers that cannot stop talking about this revolutionary, game making software.

But don’t take our word for it. Here is what some of our customers had to say about their experience with Buildbox:

  • “While most game developers are chasing trends, Game Academy continues to create them. With BuildBox they completely reconstructed the game development process giving just about anybody the power to create incredible games.” Shawn Jones, Founder of Shawn Jones Apps.
  • “Wildly addictive game creation experience. Buildbox is the most fun and user friendly game builder on the market. Get involved in this project because Trey and his rockstar team always deliver cutting edge.” Daniel Deitrick, Founder of App Commander.
  • “Before Buildbox, one of my biggest challenges was hiring competent and efficient programmers. Pretty soon their will be two types of developers, those who use Build Box, and those who haven’t yet heard of it.”Rowdy Ratts, Founder of Starios Games LLC.
  • “BuildBox has the potential to become the industry’s go-to game engine for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd and unleash their full creative potential. I am having so much fun, this can’t be that easy!” – Marco Jengken, Founder of A Grid Above.
  • “This software is revolutionary. It will change the way apps are built and it means they average person who has dreamed of making a game for so long is now able to do it without any programming experience.” – Nathan Lacey, Founder of Totally Awesome Apps.
  • “Buildbox seems so simple at first but the more time I spend working with it. I’m blown away by how much control you have on the game play. Being able to export it to so many platforms is amazing. Game Academy are truly awesome!” – Collin Wade Thiessen, Founder of cwade games.
  • “After using BuildBox all I can say is that this is the most powerful and complete game building software I have ever seen or used. The user interface is clean and simple and very intuitive. Hands down the best.” – Andrew Horowitz, Founder of Illume Faces.

There you have it folks: just a few of the many stellar things our users are saying about Buildbox!

Ready to start your indie career today? Start with Buildbox today!

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