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Section 1M1
Lecture 1Your Personal Preparations
Lecture 2The Biggest Problem
Lecture 37 Daily Habits
Lecture 4 Process Creation
Lecture 5Spying & Product Spying
Lecture 6Web Marketing Spying
Lecture 7Mobile Game Marketing Spying
Lecture 8Sales Flow Spying
Lecture 9Digital Networking & Growing Contacts
Lecture 10Trey's Top 5 Business Books
Section 2M2
Lecture 11Intro + In-Depth Publisher Discussion
Lecture 12Games You Should Submit
Lecture 13Research & Game Ideas
Lecture 14Creating Your Gameplay Model
Lecture 15Improve Your Design Skills
Section 3M3
Lecture 16Intro + Your Game Idea
Lecture 17Build Method
Lecture 18Finalizing Your Design Structure
Lecture 19How To Create Art
Lecture 20Game Design
Lecture 21User Interface
Lecture 22Level Design
Lecture 23Retention & Game Design Checklist
Section 4M4
Lecture 24Intro + Creating Attraction
Lecture 25Publisher Relations 101
Lecture 26What Publishers Want To See
Lecture 27The Bird's Eye View
Lecture 28Play Testing & Data Based Changes
Lecture 29Retention, Monetization, & Viralness
Lecture 30Finalize Your Game
Section 5M5
Lecture 31Intro + Evaluation Test
Lecture 32The Perfect Video
Lecture 33Going Solo + The Perfect Pitch
Lecture 34How To Get The Publisher You Want
Section 6M6
Lecture 35Intro + Growing Publisher Relations
Lecture 36Releasing Multiple Games
Lecture 37Getting Special Opportunities
Lecture 38Growing Your Company
Lecture 39System Creation
Lecture 40Scaling

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