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20 Aug 2014

How Buildbox Can Solve the Biggest Obstacles for Developers

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The research firm known as Evans Data Corp, recently conducted a survey on mobile development. According to their data, most developers’ biggest issues during the app development process is coding and debugging. Approximately 31% of iOS developers stated that coding is the most time consuming, and 36% of Android developers said that the testing and debugging process took the longest period to complete.

As part of the company’s research they surveyed over 400 app developers across multiple platforms in different regions and asked them to describe the most complicated aspects of creating apps. They also inquired which stages in the development process that the developers would like to see manufacturers provide more assistance with.

Although the results were interesting, it wasn’t surprising that one of the biggest challenges for iOS developers was coding. Even for a skilled programmer, the extensive amount of coding necessary to create an app and export raw source code can be extremely tedious.

Buildbox Makes Game Development EASY, QUICK, & FUN

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Buildbox was designed to simplify the lengthy phases of development and make it easier for developers to focus on creation instead of coding. You don’t have to know how to code to create incredible apps with this software. Buildbox uses a streamlined drag-and-drop system that enables users to create a game without writing a single line of code.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time making a game or whether you’re a veteran developer, Buildbox takes the complicated steps out of app creation and makes it fun. With this revolutionary game builder you can increase your productivity while avoiding the common stumbling blocks that often hinder developers.

In the Evans Data Corp’s survey, iOS developers were split evenly when questioned which phase of the development process that they’d prefer assistance with from manufacturers. About 50% of developers said coding while the other half claimed that app design was the area that they needed more help with. More than half of the Windows Phone developers also claimed that coding was their biggest obstacle.

Buildbox makes app design and coding effortless. The asset wheel allows anyone to create a game by dragging the desired image in the designated area. Place characters, different background levels, obstacles, and power-ups onto the wheel and then initiate a preview of the game to ensure it looks and plays exactly how you envisioned. Users can also select one of the 20 included gameplay presets and add high-end special effects by simply clicking a button. When you use Buildbox, the only limitation in creating an app is your imagination.

For more in-depth information on Buildbox features, videos, and reviews click here.

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