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20 Aug 2014

Your Biggest Buildbox Questions Answered!

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Since we launched Buildbox earlier this week, our support team has been working around the clock to answer your questions. We’ve also noticed the same questions being asked over and over again, and because we want you to be able to use Buildbox as quickly as possible, we’re here to answer some of your most commonly asked questions. You will find them below, but if you cannot find the answer to your question? Don’t sweat it! Reach out to us here!


Q:“Does Buildbox work for both Mac & PC?”

A: Definitely. In fact, if you work on both a Mac and PC, you can buy Buildbox and use it on both!


Q: “Does it export raw source code?”

A: It does. It exports the native platform portion of the source code. We left some room for the hackers and programmers out there. Now, some of it is compiled while some of it is not. So for example, if you found a new ad company – maybe an ad company Game Academy hasn’t heard about yet (and if you did, let us know so we can put it in the future installments of Buildbox) – and you wanted to put a full-page ad on your game at startup, you can still do that.


Some of the code does have to be compiled due to how our whole system works, but we still wanted to give you guys some room to add a few things on your own as well.


Q: “How does the licensing work!”

A: We model the same licensing practices that Maya, Photoshop, and other big software companies use. When you purchase Buildbox, you have a license that allows you to install the software on two different devices. This is because we know some people like to interchange between working on their desktop and laptop.

Now, you can only use one copy of Buildbox at a time, but if you need to purchase additional licenses? You can do so at a discounted price. To learn more, email our support staff.


Q: “Are there any restrictions on how many games you can make?”

A: Absolutely not! Once you buy Buildbox, you have a full license to use the software as often as you like, and you can upload as many games to as many different platforms as you want to.


Q: “What all is included in the price?”

A: You get:

  • Full access to the software.
  • Training that will teach you how to run your own game business – crucial if you want to earn a living creating games.
  • 2D art collection.
  • Sound pack.


Q: How does the payment plan work?”

A: When you check out and go to the final page to fill out your credit card information, at the very bottom of the page we have an option where you can choose to get four payments:

  • The first one will be charged immediately.
  • The other three payments will be approximately 30-days apart.
  • Essentially, a payment every month for four months.


Q: “How long will Buildbox be available?”

A: Buildbox’s availability is going to work a little differently than our past products. In a few days, we are going to make Buildbox unavailable for purchase. In the meantime, we are going to get feedback from our first customers, update the software accordingly, add some new features, and then re-launch the latest version of Buildbox sometime in the near future.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a timeframe regarding when the relaunch will take place, but once it relaunches, Buildbox will permanently be available for purchase.


If you have any other questions, again, please email our stellar support staff!

13 Responses

  1. Jonathan Hamon

    What is the cost of additional licenses please. It would have been helpful to answer that here or in the support ticket I sent a few days ago.

  2. Isaac

    Hey guys, sounds like a great tool! One question though:

    Is Build Box only good for making games or can you develop other types of apps with it as well which aren’t games? ( Eg: Utilities, entertainment apps, information apps)

    1. Brooke

      How do you find the Buildbox art folder. Tis is my first day of downloading buildbox and I’ve been watching videos but I cant seem to find this answer. I am trying to make the free trail last but I can’t even get a character without this folder. Please help!

  3. NEGaming

    Where is the art folder. I scanned my whole computer I can find it. I’m starting to feel cheated. Please help me, thanks.


  4. catmassey

    …how can I pull up the BuildBox art box? Its the white box with the characters and backgrounds in it. I’ve tried everything and nothing works. Please help.

  5. catmassey

    ….I got the trial art box file from my email…but it didn’t come with any fx files or animation files. Is there anyway you sent me those files…Cruz there is no way I can make a game without those files. And I only have 11days left on my trial.

  6. Frank

    Can I get or buy just the 2d art pack? please…. give me a link to download just the complete pack please have mercy on me I’m just a poor person living in the Philippines. Please just send the link in my e-mail. Thank You in Advance!!! I really Like this app than any drag and drop game builder! and I subscribed buildbox channel and liked buildbox videos! 😀 It really helps me if you can give me the 2d art collection pack.

  7. Tech Maker

    Hello everyone,
    Please can anyone show how is possible to have more “art and sound” in order to be used in my buildbox game productivity ???
    “Art and sound” more than the one offered by the buildbox team ???

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