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19 Feb 2015

Best Marketing Tools For Indie Developers

Here at Game Academy, we love tools designed to help you market your indie studio easier and better than ever before. We have mentioned an assortment of awesome marketing tools in the past, but we also know that we are getting new readers all the time. Thus, I have decided to list some of the marketing tools that (in my opinion) are the absolute best that we have ever mentioned.

Speaking of mentioned…


It is important that you keep tabs on everything that is being said about your indie studio. This is called reputation management, and it is a great way to respond to anything anyone says about you. For example, if a customer is complaining about your game, you can respond to them and ask them exactly what they dislike about the game in an effort to fix the problem. This allows customers and everyone else listening in to see that you truly do care about the quality of your games.

Mention will help you to do exactly this. Allowing you to monitor in real-time to ensure that whatever is said about your games, your indie studio, or yourself personally can be responded to as quickly as possible. Allowing you to react in real-time and even share what is said about you to the rest of your team, Mention is a tool that needs to be in every indie developer’s toolkit.


Marketing on social media can be time-consuming. Most indie developers I talk to state that half of their work involves marketing and trying to get their studio and games noticed by as many people as possible. You need to maximize your time by working smarter so you can focus on what you do best: developing indie games.

And that is where Buffer comes in.

Buffer allows you to write lots of different posts simultaneously, while giving you the option of having various messages posted on your behalf on your social media profiles. Buffer will even spread these updates throughout the day or even the week as the case may be. If you know exactly what you are going to post for the entire week, theoretically you could spend a Sunday evening writing all of your posts, scheduling them, and having a chunk of your week free to do whatever you wish! Buffer is awesome, and there is a reason why so many people rely on this phenomenal tool.


Presskit() is a genius tool. Why you ask? Because it takes the pain out of creating a press kit; and if you have ever had to create a digital press kit, you know how much of a hassle this is. Presskit() allows you to easily create press pages in under an hour so you can send it to the press and increase the odds of your indie game getting covered. Combine this with the awesome Promoter tool and Google Analytics (both mentioned below), and you have an incredible double whammy of a tool suite on your hands!

Instant Press Release

Or perhaps you have difficulties creating press releases. They can be a pain if you have no idea how to create a proper one, and luckily instant press release is here to save the day. By guiding you in the process of writing an incredible press release, you’re going to find that anyone can use this tool and have an awesome, basic press release to distribute. While you may want to hire someone to write a more customized press release for you, if you need a basic one in a hurry? Instant Press Release will deliver.

Google Analytics

There really is not a lot to say about Google Analytics that others haven’t already said. In short, it is the best way to track your visitor traffic and discover trends about your visitors. You can discover how visitors interact with your various webpages, the routes people take to get to your website, and you can even discover which devices they use to get to your side, social media pages – essentially anything with a web address can be tracked. Combine this with Presskit(), and you can discover exactly how well your press kits perform.


This awesome tool was created primarily for indie developers! Promoter is one of my personal favorite tools in this entire list thanks to how flexible and feature-rich it is. To learn all of the things this wonderful tool can do for your indie studio, I urge you to click the link above; but I will leave you empty-handed. Promoter can track press mentions, reviews of your indie game, manage your Steam keys and other promo codes, and so much more.

And that is just the start of what Promoter can do for your indie studio. It is absolutely amazing, and it should be in your toolkit.


Do you wish there was a better way to manage your contacts? Nimble is here to the rescue! This nifty tool will track the conversations you have with your contacts, tracks the complete history both you and the contact share (no matter whether you typically contact them via social media or email), it fills out contact records simply from a name and email, and so much more. If you communicate with various connections in the industry often, you need Nimble!

Do you have any tools that we missed that you think needs to be added to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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