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7 Feb 2014

A Few of the Best App Store Optimization Tools

Before you sell your mobile game on the mobile marketplace of your choice, you need to know the best keywords to use so your mobile game can be found as easily as possible. Why? Because a large portion of mobile games are discovered via keywords related to your game. As an example, if you are about to sell an endless runner starring a monkey chasing a wheelbarrow of bananas down a steep, then you would probably want to use keywords such as, “endless runner, runner, monkey, running, bananas,” and so on.

Yet, these keywords are quite competitive, so the trick is to find keywords that are not as competitive and apply them to your mobile game. It sounds a lot harder doesn’t it? Luckily, that’s where app store optimization tools come into play. Below are some of the best tools available that you need to try before you place your game on its respective marketplace. Apply the best keywords for your game, and your mobile game will be painless to find.

Sensor Tower

If you are familiar with ASO tools, then you may be know this tool by its former name: App Store Rankings. It has changed its name to Sensor Tower as of late, but even so, this tool is still one of the best ASO tools on the market today. With an easy-to-use UI and the ability to find keywords and your competitor’s keywords in a few seconds, it’s one of the easiest yet powerful tools out there. Sporting an awesome keyword suggestion feature, supporting multiple languages, and quite affordable, Sensor Tower is constantly being updated to help you dear indie developer to find the best keywords for your mobile games!

I mentioned this tool in my post App Store Optimization Techniques Every Indie Developer Should Bear in Mind’ a few months ago, and nothing has changed since then: is still awesome. While it is one of the oldest tools on this list and only supports Apple’s App Store (why it doesn’t provide the option to work with Google Play is beyond me), it is nevertheless a tool you should consider using for one reason: it measures popularity arguably better than any ASO tool out there. Add to the fact that it also features a complete list of visual data that showcases different dimensions of your keywords among you and your competitors, and may not be the new ASO tool on the block, but it is certainly still one of the best.


SearchMan sounds like a lame name for a superhero detective doesn’t it? Luckily, the world hasn’t been introduced to SearchMan the superhero yet, but we do have SearchMan the awesome ASO tool (which in my opinion is better anyway). Providing a ton of great data and giving you a good idea as to the latest keyword trends in the App Store/Google Play, it even rates your Overall Search Score so you can determine how searchable your mobile game actually is. In addition, it also provides smart graphs to ensure that you can keep tabs on whether or not your mobile game is ranking strongly or slipping in the ranks a bit. Unfortunately, it isn’t for beginners and is only available in the UK, Japan, and the U.S. at the moment, so while it isn’t perfect, it’s still powerful.


Saving the easiest ASO tool for last, Straply will provide you with data regarding your game or your competitor’s games in a matter of seconds. Simply type the name of a mobile game or a particular keyword, and from there see how competitive the keyword actually is and how many people are searching for  the keyword on a regular basis. Providing data for both App Store/Google Play, Straply is initially free to use – though if you want to see every search result at all times, you have to pay. It’s one of the newest and simplest yet user-friendly tools out there, so before you start anywhere else, give this one a shot and see what you think.

For the ASO veterans out there: do you have any ASO tools you want to see mentioned that I left off? If so, let us know about them in the comments below!

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