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11 Sep 2014

Beginning Social Media Campaign Tips For Your Indie Studio

One of the crazy thing about operating your own indie studio is that you have to spend almost as much time marketing your brand as you do actually developing your indie games. Whether you like it or not, marketing is essential, and it pays (literally) to know the best practices for running social media campaigns that will reach your intended audience and entice them to buy your games.

It can be confusing for sure. That’s why today, you’re going to learn a few beginning tips for running a social media campaign that will deliver the results you want and beyond. Take a look below, and implement them into your social media marketing strategy.


Choose the right platform

Rather than the most popular. We don’t have to tell you that there are a ton of social media platforms out there: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – the list goes on and on. You may be tempted to choose a platform that has the most users (Facebook), but if the platform isn’t right for your campaign? Don’t use it!

For example, if you want to create a social media campaign surrounding quick footage of your indie game, consider using Vine instead of Facebook. If you want to focus primarily on images of your indie game, Instagram may be the best way to go. Do your research, and figure out which platform is right for your campaign.


Know when to post

When is your audience the most active? Just because you can post content whenever you wish doesn’t mean you should post whenever you feel like it. Think about when your audience is the most active and who your demographic is. For example, if you develop primarily educational games, you are going to want to catch the attention of parents. Thus, consider posting content in the morning and evening whenever they are most likely to have some downtime. If your demographic is primarily teenagers, post content late in the afternoon whenever they are most likely to get home from school and checking their social media sites.


Make your content fresh

Nobody wants to look at out-of-date memes – that’s lame. Instead, find out what your competitors are posting. That doesn’t mean you should copy them – far from it. Instead, learn from them and discover the type of content they are posting. Take a look at what has gone viral and see what makes the content shareable. Is it funny? Simplistic? Inspiring? Find out for yourself and ensure your content is just as good!

The trick is to make your content shareable, and fresh content that is guaranteed to get a response from your audience is always shareable.


Do you have any tips, comments, or suggestions about starting your own social media campaign for your indie studio? Let us know in the comments below!

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