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3 Oct 2014

Apps For Your Smartphone That Will Keep Your Indie Studio Productive

Are you finding yourself working on the go more than ever? Then you need to have a suite of productivity apps at your disposal! When you want to get things done no matter where you are (or prepare yourself for your work ahead), these apps will definitely deliver.


If you need to save pages you find scattered across the Web, Pocket (also available on the Web and iOS­) is the tool for you. I actually use the tool myself nearly every day, and it’s saved me so much time I feel obligated to send the developers a few bucks. Using it is simple: simply copy and paste  the link into Pocket, the page is saved for you to view later, and you can go about your day as usual.

Pocket also allows you to tag your saved pages as well. For example, if you find yourself saving interesting indie-related articles along with indie dev videos on YouTube, you wouldn’t want to save all of these links together. Instead, you can tag each page with a particular tag so you can return to Pocket, click on the tag, and see certain type of content you’ve saved. It acts like bookmarking, only more powerful!


If you need to learn more about a particular topic but don’t want to have to seek out the information yourself, Dunno has you covered. Simply write down what you need to know about on Dunno, and the app will find relevant information on the topic – such as web pages, podcasts, tweets, images, etc.

Everything is categorized too, so you can find only the relevant info that you need. State which results you like so Dunno can use the same approach the next time you need more information, and you can even use a neat feature called ‘Brainslaps,’ which will recommend new topics for you to learn more about from your past searches!

EmptyInbox For Gmail

If you find yourself wasting time going through your emails in Gmail, then it’s time for you to do something about it. EmptyInboxForGmail has only one goal in mind: for you to categorize your emails as quickly as possible. The design is actually pretty simple: EmptyInboxforGmail presents you with a host of options on one screen, so you can quickly select which emails you want to archive, delete, etc.

The app also shows an inbox count as well, so you can see how many emails you have until you get to ‘inbox zero.’


Have you ever saw something that inspired you? Something that gave you a new idea? With Skitch, you can take a picture of that inspiration, mark it up using Skitch’s tools to explain what your idea is all about, and then send it to anyone you wish! It’s a great way to show and explain ideas on the fly, and it’s by a team responsible for another great productivity app…

Honorable Mention: Evernote

Yes, Skitch was developed by the team behind the awesome Evernote (we actually mentioned Evernote in one of our blog posts last week). Using the Evernote app (also available for iOS and PC), you can write and share your content to all of your devices. There are so many uses for Evernote to list, that it will definitely help you to become more productive wherever you are!

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