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18 Feb 2014

Apple & Google Rejecting Games with ‘Flappy’ in its Name

Flappy Bird’s reign is over and Apple and Google are planning on keeping it that way.  The two major mobile platforms are rejecting and flagging any mobile app game that they notice using the word ‘Flappy’ in it.

Although the policy rule that most platforms uphold of not allowing misleading representation in app titles is nothing new, many devs are irate on the unjustifiable reasoning behind certain apps being pulled while others are able to remain untouched.

App developer Ken Carpenter from Mind Juice Media posted on Twitter that his game, Flappy Dragon, was removed from the App Store and account suspended because the app’s name “attempts to leverage a popular app.” Carpenter was upset that the iTunes App Store singled out his game while there are dozens of other Flappy Bird clones still available in the store.

Carpenter and the other app developers upset over the enforcement of the policy do have a valid point. The app stores have not been lacking in the ‘Flappy’ game name department since app developer, Nguyen Dong’s game Flappy Bird went viral and became an overnight success. Although imitation is considered a high form of flattery, devs are releasing obvious clones of the game in full force.  Some of the apps aren’t even games, they’re just photo apps. Below are just a handful of the similar titles appearing in the App Stores:

  • Flappy Flyer
  • Flappy Bee
  • Flappy Cat
  • Flappy Puppy
  • Flappy Pig
  • Fluffy vs Flappy Birds
  • Flappy Plane
  • Flappy Chappy
  • Flying Flappy Unicorn Bird
  • Flappy Bird – Gift of Valentine’s Day and Lover’s Day
  • Flappy Rabbits
  • Flappy Blu
  • Flappy Witch

The Mind Juice Media app developer that sparked the debate, Ken Carpenter,  said that he’s going to resubmit his game under the name Derpy Dragon in order comply with the iTunes App Store submission requirements.


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