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14 Feb 2014

Angry Birds Introduces In-Game Digital Video Ads

According to a recent interview by Adweek with Rovio’s head of advertising, Michele Tobin, Angry Birds and several other Rovio app games will feature new in-game digital video ads.

“We’re rolling out new video products in Q2 that will be built into the gameplay of a number of games. In the mobile video space, there’s a lack of publishers who provide real scale and premium environments with total transparency,” said Tobin.

The Finland-based company has become one of the most popular mobile game publishers in the industry due to their smash hit Angry Birds. The game has accumulated a whopping 2 billion downloads and is currently maintaining over 200 million users per month.

Rovio has been experimenting with different app marketing and advertisement strategies since its launch. The company’s focus on branding and growth has been the core to its continual success in the competitive game industry.

This is definitely not the first time that this infamous studio has decided to use its advertising potential. Last December when the company released their free-to-play app, Angry Birds GO they integrated sponsored opportunities that companies could participate in. Each brand would offer in-game bonuses to players. Pepperidge Farm for example would lend a user a power boost.

“The path we started to go down the past year focused a lot on building native ad units, ad integrations that felt more part of the game, and moving away from standard display,” Tobin added.

Although, she did not discuss the full details on exactly how the video ads that will be integrated into Rovio’s games will work, she did divulge that they may supply incentives for users to watch them.

According to a recent report by eMarketer spending on mobile video is expected to grow 81.2% this year. So, Angry Birds will most likely be in the forefront of digital ad space marketing strategies with their latest video ad expansion.

(Source: AdWeek)

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