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30 Jan 2014

Amazon Announces New HTML5 App Monetization Option for Devs

Amazon has just announced that it will now permit developers to set a list price for their web apps. This is excellent news for app developers interested in publishing their very first app or for veteran Android devs seeking additional methods for app monetization within Amazon’s Appstore.

Previously all web apps were automatically set as free. However, with this update users have the option to choose their own prices and make their games visible to Amazon’s millions of customers in more than 200 different countries.

Last year during the summer, HTML5 developers were granted access to publish hosted web apps next to native Android apps within the Appstore giving those applications a steady stream of promotion. Now Amazon is raising the bar even higher by installing a feature to let developers set a list price in certain currencies based on regional markets that they are publishing their web apps to.

Users simply log onto their Developer Account and click on the “Availability & Pricing” tab to begin the process of selecting the amount they wish to charge for their app. According to Amazon this is just one of the many features they’ll be adding to make their Kindle Fire best in class.

Along with the ability to sell your app in the Amazon Appstore at any price you see fit, HTML5 developers will also receive the opportunity to participate in the Free App of the Day (FAD) promotion. This program gives selected apps higher exposure to help attract massive amounts of traffic to their apps by granting special placements on mobile devices like the Kindle Fire and on the Amazon Gold Box Best Deals page. Chosen apps receive promotional Facebook and Twitter announcements as well when they are FADs. On their website they list special tips that devs can use to increase their chances of getting selected. It’s a really powerful marketing event.


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