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10 Apr 2014

Alternative Places to Find Web Designers

You need a website. It’s advice given on Game Academy numerous times, and it still hasn’t changed. While it’s quite simple for you to create your own website in using simple tools at your disposal, if you want a really awesome, kick ass website, you need to hire a web designer. Hiring such a person is quite simple, and by browsing top outsourced platforms such as Elance, oDesk,, and more, you can find web designers that are worth your consideration.

But what about the alternative places for finding web designers? You know, when you want to find the ‘diamonds in the rough,’ so to speak? Believe me: there’s great talent out there that isn’t advertising their services on the sites mentioned above. To find these web designers, consider browsing the avenues listed below, and maybe (just maybe), you will find the web designer of your dreams!


I’ve mentioned Dribbble before when detailing alternative spots to find game artists, but Dribbble can also be used to hire web designers as well. As mentioned in the game artists post, Dribbble is a ‘show and tell’ platform for artists. Likewise, it’s also a great place for web designers to showcase their work, and you’ll likely find a designer that impresses you sooner rather than later. Whether you want a website with a minimalist design or a site with lots of flash and excitement, someone on Dribbble will be there to help you.


Folyo knows it is difficult to find designers to meet your needs. Whether they are too expensive, inexperienced, or simply not interested, Folyo knows that the search for the perfect designer shouldn’t take days or weeks. To solve this problem and ensure your website (or anything else you need designed, really) gets off the ground sooner rather than later, Folyo allows you to post your project to its community, and from there will provide you with a shortlist of designers that are within your budget, interested in the project, pre-approved (i.e. they’re legitimate and trustworthy), experienced, and available. From there? Folyo can even make suggestions as to which designers are the best fit for your project as well.

Folyo’s pool of designers is fairly limited too. According to Folyo, around 70% of all applications from freelance designers wanting to be part of Folyo’s private community are rejected, meaning technically, the leads Folyo provides to you consist of the best of the best for your project. Unfortunately, you have to pay a $99 one-time fee, yet Folyo is so confident in helping you find a designer that they will refund your money if you cannot find a designer that is right for you. If you have about $100 to spare and want to find a web designer in a hurry, feel free to give Folyo a try!


The beauty of Sortfolio is that you can find web designers locally. It doesn’t cost a dime to hire a web designer from Sortfolio either, yet you are not getting any of the ‘creative control’ you would get with Folyo, either. Users are able to browse by budget and location, and from there? You will be able to find a web designer worth your consideration.

Of course, you can still hire web designers located anywhere, but if you would prefer to work locally with someone? Sortfolio has you covered.


Do you know of even more alternative places to hire web designers? Let us know in the comments below!

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